Version 1.1 - April 2022

Onboarding New

Introduced onboarding-screen for a short introduction and information about functionality of Ticker.

Mark all as read New

Added a feature to mark all unread articles in the current view as read.

Add site to Ticker via the share New

Now you can add a site to Ticker via the iOS Sharing menu. Just press the share button on a link and select the Ticker icon.

New feed-view New

Added an alternative view for reading articles. It can be activated in Settings > UI > Use alternative feed view

UI Improvements Improvement

  • Choose between different app-icons
  • Select your favorite theme: Light, Dark, Automatic

Add Source Improvement

Updated add-source view to give better feedback about the validity of the URL.

Improved RSS Feed lookup Improvement

Improved logic to find RSS feed when user provides a website url instead of the RSS url.

Version 1.0 - March 2022

This is the initial release of Ticker including the following features:

Tags New

Grouping articles by keywords into tags. Sort tags by name or number of included articles.

Favorites New

Define important tags as favorites

Timeline New

Keep track of your read articles in a timeline

Bookmarks New

Mark articles for later by adding them to your bookmarks

Search New

Search your feed to find those articles you are looking for

Sync New

Use iCloud to sync your sources, tags and read articles over all your Apple devices

Mute keywords New

Define keywords you are not interested in and mute them for one day, a week, month or forever

Customizing New

Customize the appearance as you like. Set a color, show images, show article description, …

Badge New

Show the number of unread, tagged, favorite or bookmarked articles that are unread as badge-count on the app-icon.